GeoNight on Gyöngyös Campus

Károly Róbert Campus - Gyöngyös of Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences also joined the GeoNight series of events announced by the Hungarian Geographical Society on April 9.

The main goal of the Geography Night programs is to raise awareness of the importance of geography. For the organizers’ request, fun and engaging programs entertained the youngsters and older ones this year as well.

The staff of the International Relations Office in Gyöngyös Campus Dóra Póka and Barbara Tátrainé Bíró arranged this program on the occasion of the Geography Night along with two international students, Elizaveta Polishchuk and Omar Qasem. The basic idea was given by the “treasure hunt in the forest”, i.e. Geocaching, and taking advantage of the pleasant spring time, the site was provided by Sástó, the highest lake in Hungary.

The organizers hid seven envelopes on the shores of lake. Participants had to solve various logical and dexterity tasks to collect letters from which they could finally unravel the name of the closing venue of the day. They also had to figure out how and where to find the next station based on several clues.

After completing the seven tasks, a short tour awaited the members of the two teams of 5 people. The day ended in Mátrafüred, at the Kozmáry lookout tower. At the last station, the director of Gyöngyös campus Dr. Zoltán Bujdosó, was waiting for the students, who briefly summarized the general goal of GeoNight program series, and then also took part in the last game.

At the foot of the lookout tower, the two teams even had to solve a series of 10 riddles. In each case, the point was awarded to the team from which the correct solution was reached more quickly. Although after a close fight, the purples eventually won the game against the blues, no one left the program empty-handed. Everyone received a gift package compiled by the Student Government. The event was a great success among the participants, so the organizers are already planning to continue.

By Réka Nagy
photos: Dóra Póka, Dóra Lénárt