Szent István Campus

Address: 2100 Gödöllő, Páter Károly utca 1.
Campus Director General: Mr. Béla Urbányi, PhD


University city with good location

Campus is a town in town in Gödöllő City, where many services are available from a post office to a pharmacy, grocery stores and doctors' offices. It is one of the largest university campus in the country, where agricultural, technical and economic university programmes are available.  Campus can be approached by two railway lines from Budapest and by car it takes also only 25 minutes. 

Land is the largest workbench

Hungarian agriculture has been the fastest expanding one in the European Union. Agricultural production involves the management of natural resources, the protection of the environment, wildlife, drinking water, soil, air and landscape. The results of agricultural research in the Campus improve the quality of life, the competitiveness and profitability of production and also contribute to environmental management.

Smart agriculture

The use of state-of-the-art smart tools can help farmers with the problems of modern agriculture, however, an innovative farming attitude is also necessary for the widespread use of artificial intelligence systems. The introduction of precision farming tools promises long-term returns and therefore requires a future-oriented approach. Gödöllő Campus offers programmes to acquire the necessary expertise for it.

Rural development

Improving the competitiveness of settlements and the quality of life is a crucial issue in rural areas. The rural development programmes offered on campus involve how the development of the affected settlements can be enhanced by taking advantage of different project and tender application opportunities.

Cooperative training

Mechanical engineering means not only an attractive career but a well-paid profession in demand, too. In order to provide practice-oriented training, our students spend the last one or two semesters of their cooperative training as an engineering intern at the collaborating companies.

State-of-the-art technology in laboratories

Our students can join research work at the departments operating in not only a well-equipped but a nice environment. In addition to traditional vehicle engineering, energetics, materials science and mechanical engineering technology, our research areas also include advanced computer science engineering and agricultural informatics, drone technology and robotics.