Preparatory Course of Hungarian language

Hungarian Language Preparatory Course (Gödöllő)


Preparatory Course in Hungarian language at MATE University is designed for international students who would like to apply for admission to a degree course taught in Hungarian.

Only those who really want to study in Hungarian language at a Hungarian university later apply for the Preparatory Course.

Those who succeed in the Hungarian language exam at the end of the course will start their studies in Hungarian in the next academic year at a Hungarian university. Students with a scholarship from Stipendium Hungaricum can only start their university studies in Hungarian (and not in English) in the chosen field.

We also accept scholarship and self-financed students.

  1. Scholarship:
  • General information by scholarship of Stipendium Hungaricum:
  • A student who applies for a non-degree course in Hungarian may, after successfully completing the course, start his / her university studies in Hungarian only in the undergraduate (BSc / BA) or master's (MSc / MA) courses.
  • The scholarship is awarded independently of our university. However, we also welcome scholarship students!


  1. Self-financed students can apply directly to us, our university.
  • The tuition fee for self-financed students is 3500 EUR (1750 EUR per semester) in 2022/23.
  • You must first return the completed APPLICATION FORM (2022_PC_application_form_MATE)   or 2022_PC_application_form_MATE

  • Payment of application fee (100 EUR)

IBAN number (EUR): HU9511763842-00809885-00000000

Name of Bank Account: MATE (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Name and Address of Bank: OTP Bank, Budapest, 1051 Nádor utca 16.


In comments, please write the following data: PrepC_2022., and your name

  • We will evaluate your application and notify you of the outcome and send you a visa application document.
  • After having payed the tuition fee of the two semesters, we will provide you with a certificate to apply for your student visa.
  1. This 40-week course covers one academic year from the beginning of September to July (two semesters) and it contains 1100-1200 contact hours. Students can also learn about Hungary and Hungarian culture dedicated to cooperative language learning in which students prepare presentations to show in class.


  1. From September to April, we learn the basics of the Hungarian language.  To be able to speak Hungarian with confidence from the first day, students are exposed to a balanced treatment of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills combined with communicative strategies. Tuition involves 30-34 language classes per week of the first, and 28-30 of the second semester.
  2. From April Hungarian for Special Purposes course starts besides general language instructions. Students can choose one/two out of two different modules:
  • Business, Economics, and Social Sciences,
  • Agriculture, Environment, and Technical Studies
  1. The main objective of the Preparatory Course is to develop students' speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills in Hungarian to attain intermediate (B2) level. We also focus on developing our students' soft skills and personal competences, raising their intercultural awareness, and giving them an opportunity to establish strong ties to Hungary and Hungarian culture. Examination: the conditions for starting the second semester and completion of the course are successful written and oral exams at the end of the semesters.
  2. Entry requirements:            Secondary school leaving certificate, minimum level of English (A1)
  3. Type of entrance exam:      online-interview
  4. Entrance exam description: After the assessment of secondary school leaving/BSc certificate, there will be an online interview with the selected ones, during which the motivation, commitment and general language skills of the students will be examined.
  5. The main campus is in Central-Hungary, in Gödöllő, which is approx. 25 km from the capital, Budapest. The campus can be reached easily and is situated in a pleasant, green environment.
  6. The on-campus dormitories offer services of 3-star hotels; therefore, the students can be accommodated in comfortable and modern rooms.
  7. The various associations and organizations of students contribute to an active student life on campus. The sport centre and the recently renovated football fields provide several sport facilities to the youth.




Contact:  Ms. Dr. habil. Ildikó RUDNÁK, Ph.D.

Head of Preparatory Course Programme at MATE

email: rudnak.ildiko [kukac]