Closing Ceremony for our fresh FAO gradutes at the Ministry of Agriculture – June 23, 2021

FAO scholarship, sponsored jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO) and the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, plays major role in the international education portfolio of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The program has more than a decade of good history aiming to provide excellent opportunity for granted students from developing countries to do their agriculture based master studies in our country. However, its mission in fact is much more than this – it creates bridges between Hungary and home countries of the gradutes, also these students are inspired to be new „agricultural ambassadors” of Hungary – as Mr. Bencsik, the deputy secretary entitled them.

This June, 21 FAO students have graduated at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Budai Campus - 1, Georgikon Campus – 9, Szent István Campus – 11 students). A Closing Ceremony was organized for them by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture on June 23, 2021, where not only the students, but also the partner countries’ ambassadors, the concerned campus and course leaders were invited. As part of the program, students were greeted by Mr. Dávid Bencsik, deputy secretary of Foreign Affairs at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. Pedro Arias, economist, a senior representative of FAO. Nana Ama Ebbin (Ghana) delivered farewell speech on behalf of the graduating FAO students. Finally, a boat trip and a reception were organised, which was a worthy closure of the two-years-long education program and it is for sure a long lasting memory for the graduates.

In the next academic year scholarship program continues, thus besides our extant students, freshmen can start their studies on three new courses, at two campuses of our University. More than 600 applications were evaluated recently and decision is to be announced, hopefully, in the very near future.
Distinguished Graduates - we are very proud of you! Wishing you good luck and a successful carreer! Hope you create strong link between our countries in the future! Remember, you may always reckon upon your Alma Mater!