European University

It is an initiative from the European Commission to create the best possible future university model that Europe can offer in higher education.


Engaged and Entrepreneurial European University as Driver for European Smart Sustainable Regions

E³UDRES² is committed to challenge-based education, mission oriented-research and human-centered research as well as open and engaged knowledge exchange as interrelated core areas. The members will co-ideate new concepts and  approaches, co-create  new  knowledge,  provide  good  practice and  share  experience  on  their  sound  integration within  I-Living-Labs  for  future  universities  in  smart  and  sustainable  regions.

E³UDRES² follows the idea “From Europe – For Europe” by developing European solutions to regional problems in a globally connected world and therefore pools knowledge, core competences and skills and shares resources of six higher education institutions.


St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences (Austria)
Polytecnic Institute of Setubal (Portugal)
Polytechnical University Timisoara (Romania)
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Hungary)
UC Leuven-Limburg (Belgium)
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia)


Engaged University  Multidirectional information exchange and involvement of different stakeholders at all levels.
Entrepreneurial University An university that is proactive, applied, looks for solutions, takes initiative.
Future casting Predictions that try to remove the uncertainty from the future by forecasting what will happen based on the likelihood of certain events
Future sighting (foresight)  The ability to plan for the future. It is a mix of mindset and methodology: a view of the future and the practice of looking forward. Foresight acknowledges that the future is ambiguous and aims to prepare decision-makers for how the future may change.
Future Training
  • Work with international digital platforms,
  • living labs orchestrators,
  • future workshops and future casting,
  • design thinking and user-centred design,
  • citizen science, science engagement and open science,
  • lean start-ups, business model canvas, science value proposition canvas, products with minimal viability,
  • resonating innovation cycles.


















Work Packages

Work packages


WP Leader


General Management and Coordination 



Future Universities 









Innovators and Entrepreneurs 


WP 6 

Sustainability and Dissemination 




WP2 - Future Universities: Regional Stakeholders Workshop 1

                                          Regional Stakeholders Workshop 2

WP3 - Learners: Needs analysis regarding Gödöllő (Hungary) and its suburb

WP4 - Researchers: User-centered and evidence-based development and evaluation of a social inclusive immersive Virtual-reality exergame to promote physical activity

WP5 - Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Report on Human Centered Innovation for Smart and Sustainable Regions around E3UDRES2 universities, 2021.

What is an I Living Lab?

With a focus on "Smart & Sustainable Regions", the innovative Design Thinking Lab of E³UDRES² offers the framework for an intensive examination of socially relevant topics. Together with regional stakeholders and students from all six E³UDRES² partner universities, participants will develop innovative solutions for relevant challenges. In the I Living Lab, they how to co-create a solution to a real-life problem by using the method of Desing Thinking. During the event, they will collaborate with other international students as well as external stakeholders. They can choose their challenge from the topics of „Circular economy“ or “Wellbeing and acitve ageing“ or „The role of human being in AI-society“.

EUDRES ILivingLabs in MATE